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Raking Leaves…

While I was outside today doing my annual “leaf relocation” project, I came to the conclusion that all leaves are not the same. So I decided that the white Christian leaves could have a nice center location in the pile I was creating in the far corner of our property. The Jewish leaves could be just off to one side. The Japanese-Maple leaves would need to be placed in a special campsite and isolated from the others. The Buddhist and Hindu leaves seemed to want a quiet spot where they could just rest in peace. And with a little extra searching, I was able to find just the right location for them. Unfortunately, the Muslim leaves would have to go back to where they came from. They should not be allowed to create potential problems for the other leaves. And then there were yet other leaves that didn’t seem to have any identification that I could discern. They just drifted about with seemingly no useful purpose whatsoever. Of course it took quite a bit longer to sort them all into these and yet other categories, but I can now assure you that the leaves are all much happier. Even the Mormon ones have found a spot away from the others and have started forming some sort of a tall structure.

Thus, as you can see, my annual leaf relocation projects have become a highly philosophical activity. However, after a few days, I observed something rather peculiar. As the weather changed and the winds came up, my leaves all decided that they were really just part of the same wonderful world in which they had grown up in and decided that they could be just as happy all mixed up into one joyous jumble. Could we human beings decide to do the same? As we enter the New Year 2016, it’s something worth thinking about.

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