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The two girls, three and six years old, were peacefully observing the freeway traffic and the California landscape gliding past from the back seat of their parents' minivan on a typically-sunny Saturday morning. Their parents had decided to take a drive to explore a new area about fifty miles from their present home in the east bay. It was beginning to look more and more like there might by an interesting new career opportunity developing there. A new display start-up with a rather strange name, but with lots of investor money, had made Richard an offer that he just might not be able to turn down. And it was beginning to look like his wife Emily could also advance her career by a move to this new location.

As they drove, their conversation touched on a number of topics, one of them being why it was necessary to change homes and lifestyles every time a new job came along. What a disruption it was to have to sell their existing home, find and buy a new one, move all of their possessions, and find new doctors, dentists, and all those other services that we take for granted once located. Richard suggested that maybe one day, after he was better established in his career, they would try to create a business that was location-independent. That way they could find a home location they liked because it matched their desired lifestyle and not because it was near their places of current employment. He wondered if the continued development of the Internet and of electronic communications would help him accomplish that.



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